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Hello, i am happy to present you my first instructable.

First, i am sorry if my English is bad, i learned English at school 15 years ago. I try my best.

I used a lot of tutorials and forums for having solutions or ideas but i never contribute. That is why i am happy to start my contribution with you.

My project is a 3D printer build with recycled components and cheap materials. This project started with my son when i started to learn him how recycling and fixing are important for his future and the earth. 3d printer is for me a formidable machine that can contribute for a responsible consummation. It can contribute to the development of imagination and is a good approach to mechanical, programming, electronics, engineering ...

My specifications :

  • A compact design.
  • Easy to move and use.
  • The print area is 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm.
  • Filament roll stored in the machine (250g spool).
  • Compatible with regular nema17 steppers and GT2 belt.
  • Modular head.
  • The must important : use a maximum of scavenged components and 3d printed parts with PLA (biodegradable).

However, i don't want a poor machine, it must have good prints. So i had to buy some parts like bearings because i didn't find better solution. All parts i bought are cheap but do their job. I chose the coreXY arrangement because it corresponds to my specifications and it need only one motor for the Z axis.

The printer size is 26cm height, 26cm width and 24cm depth. I designed all the parts except the bowden extruder (by Schlotzz) that i customized and the clamp for linear bearings (by Dagoma).

As you can see in the picture the first user is my son. In the first photo you can see everything the machine printed (tests and fails comprise). The machine can print with 0.15mm resolution and the longer print i do was 3 hours (motors are very small so they heat faster than the classic nema 17).

Step 1: Bill of Materials :

Matlek2 months ago
Great project, it looks nice and seems to work well! Also, I really like that you upcycled many parts to build your printer! Bravo!
seamster5 months ago
What an impressive build!! Well done : )
RémyFr (author)  seamster5 months ago
Thank you ! Yes at the beginning it was a simple project but it became a monster :D
I realize that i forgot some informations. I will edit the instructable soon.