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Picture of Greenhouse From Two Recycled Headboards! :)

First of all let's see what a greenhouse is. Well, this ‘building’ is a safe place for the plants to grow up in, it also keeps the soil and air humid and keeps the warm that comes from the sunlight inside as well. That means that the nights are warmer for the plants inside and it also keeps the plants safe from animals like rabbits that can actually eat our plants.

Step 1: Let's See What We Need! :)

Picture of Let's See What We Need! :)

Here is a list of all the materials that we are going to use in order to build this recycled compost maker.

  • Two structures of headboards (just the outside structure, we don't want the middle part that our back holds into).
  • Several woods, the length of those will depend on how large we want it. (I used the wood that goes on the side of the bed after cutting it).
  • A drill, which will be great for screw the screws or attach the nails after. (I don’t have one, but it will help the wood to not break and also we won’t need as much strength if we use a manual screwdriver as I did).
  • Some screws or nails. (I used some screws, but you can use nails too).
  • Hammer or screwdriver.
  • Plastic for greenhouses (in this case I needed 9x2m)
  • A stapler with some clamps for it.
  • A hoe and a rake.
  • A third person to hold the structure while you are building it.
chuckr445 months ago
To increase the life of wood where it contacts ground, I spray the wood with 3 coats of Plastidip. So far I've seen colors in white and black. After 3 years in the weather it's working great! Paint on Plastidip will also work fine. If the legs of the wood to be painted are small enough just tip it in a can of Plastidip for one great coat in one step!
CLEWNOST (author)  chuckr445 months ago
I didn't think about that, I'm lucky that in Valencia (Spain), where is where I live doesn't rain much and it's not really necessary, but I take note and next time I'll do it like that without any doubt, thank you so much for your feedback and for noticing that detail chuckr44! (which will be important for the ones that are interested on building it) :)
AnandM545 months ago
Nice try !!
audreyobscura5 months ago
What a great upcycle!
CLEWNOST (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago
Thank you so much, share it if you like please ^-^'
I appreciate it :)
CLEWNOST (author) made it!5 months ago
I really needed a seed germinator for my garden, that way I won't buy as many plants and I will be able to plant them instead. so.. here it is. Also it's good to make a project recycling things that we don't use anymore