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Groot Costume With Walkman/Awesome Mix Tape Trick or Treat Bag! (Guardians of the Galaxy)


As Drax once stated: "There are two types of beings in the universe, those who dance and those who do not." We choose to dance!

We love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and this year our 8 year old daughter decided she wanted to be Groot for Halloween. This is the 6th year that her Dad (Luke) has been making her Halloween costumes and helping her become her favorite characters.

Luke made the trick or treat bag, Groot mask, Groot body, a basic version of the bomb in the movie, and Groot's flower pot. We added a stuffed Rocket Raccoon and small disco light.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are so much fun, and I told Luke that we needed a disco ball. So...well...he got one! We attached the disco ball to the back of the wagon (too heavy to place high) and will have a light shining on it as we trick or treat. We are also bringing our boombox and playing the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack as we trick or treat all over town. Like I said....we plan on dancing! Happy Halloween!!!

Step 1: Walkman/ Awesome Mix Tape Trick or Treat Bag

Step One: Turning a regular trick or treat bag into Quill's Walkman/Awesome Mix Tape

Luke spray painted a regular trick or treat bag black. He took a large piece of cardboard and cut out the Mix Tape shape. He painted the basic shape black. Then he took white poster board and red construction paper to make the design. Luke used brown paint to make the shape of the cassette film in the tape. The last step for the tape was to write "Awesome Mix vol. 2017" in black sharpie marker. We decided to use the Halloween year instead of vol. 1 or vol. 2.

Luke glued the cardboard Mix Tape onto the trick or treat bag. He then created the Walkman controls using foam sheet and paint. Finally, we attached old school headphones to the bag, making it Quill's walkman.

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Wonderful! My family loves "The Guardians "is antoo .Clear complete inscrutable ! You've got my vote !
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Groot, awesome!!!!

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The mix tape bag is a really neat addition!