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Picture of Guy Fills-In Pool With Dirt to Create an Ice Rink!

We moved to Central Iowa in the Summer of 2017. Being from Kansas, all I could think of was how far North we were moving, and how I might finally be able to pull off an ice rink in the backyard. Our realtor was smart, when showing us the house she showed my wife the kitchen and got her hooked. When I walked into the kitchen, all I could see was a small backyard, and an old pool. My dream of putting an ice rink in our backyard was fading quick. I told the realtor the pool looked like it needed some work. She said, “you can always fill it in.” That’s exactly what we did.

Step 1: Condition of the Pool

Picture of Condition of the Pool

Okay… we didn’t fill it in right away. We didn’t open it late in the Summer of 2017, as we had missed the swimming season. However, I did wait to see how many “Frozen Days” I would have in our backyard that Winter (late 2017, early 2018). Turned out to be just over 90 day. Which ironically is close to the same amount of swimming days. In the Spring of 2018, I assessed the condition of the pool, to weigh my options. It didn’t have an electric cover, and we have young kids. That made my wife and I nervous to even let the kids in the backyard. It needed a new liner which would be just under $6,000 to replace, and there was no heater. It made it an eaiser decision to fill it in. I worked with a local contractor who was up for the task of filling in this pool with me.

-Atlantics-1 month ago
wow, that is so cool!
seamster1 month ago
This is an incredible transformation, and very interesting to see the details as the work progressed. Uncle Rico comments and pics gave me a great laugh too. Well done!