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Picture of Halloween Tombstones!

With Halloween right around the corner why not make some tombstones for your very own Haunted Cemetery??

Step 1: Things, Materials Needed

I use Styrofoam insulation....2 types, 2" thick white can find it at the Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in a 4x8 sheet. The the 1" pink insulation foam also in a 4x8 sheet.

You will need an Xacto knife with fresh blades, a razor cutting knife (the cheap plastic ones with the break off blades)

A computer with printer to print out script

Loctite Power Grab's a MUST have

a straight edge and or a drywall T square (I use it all the time) tape measure

150-200 grit sand paper and an orbital sander (not a must on the sander but it makes things easy)

Flat gray latex wall paint, flat black latex wall paint...paint brushes

A small cabinet paint roller

6' fence plank...or scrap wood...a few 2' wood marking stakes with a few drywall screws

Things to add to the TS...skulls, bats, wood trim...these will be added for detail

Dumbphone2 months ago
So cool! I love this.
Nicely done.. I created a tombstone, which is a finalist as well.. I love the detail you put in these.

Wow, awesome!!

wyldecent11 months ago

These are great ideas. I've made stryofoam tombstones and sprayed them with stone textured paint but these are much more impressive and detailed. My next project for this Halloween.

Eh Lie Us!11 months ago

In Step 4 you ask "Who looks at the back???" and my 1st thought was 'ah... Instructable people?' :)

Great job, man. I've spray painted some before ON PURPOSE to get that weathered look. It's probably the only time that I think I do that on foam.

BarryB1411 months ago

I have several styrofoam tombstones that have the stakes to hold them down. But one Halloween a strong wind around 40 knots came by, and several of the tombstones were found in the neighbors yards the next morning. I thought of either some type of pvc or heavy wood and being held down by a brick so it won't BLOW away like mine did. Maybe I can experiment with something else and let you people know.

joshua.artist11 months ago

Great Instructable!! Electric carving knives work great for cutting stiff or soft foam.

Tura Street11 months ago

Creepy. I love it. Thanks for sharing.