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Friends, it was only a matter of time until I made it.

It’s Ham-mer time !

Step 1: Maple Smoked Ham

I couldn’t use anything but maple for this project. It’s hard as math, has a breathtaking figure, and satiates my appetite for French-Canadian maple glazed ham. ‘’But, isn’t that dark wood –WALNUT? No kind friend, it’s torrified maple (a.k.a. Roasted, Toasted, Caramelized, or Baked Maple ). It is unequivocally beautiful yet equally as unpleasant to work with. Carving it releases a mouth-watering aroma of smoked maple barbecue sauce which, other than making you hungry, is very pleasant. As soon as the chips turned to dust; however, my lungs began to bleed. It immediately outranked the plethora of toxic exotic hardwoods, such as mahogany, as the worst pneumonic irritant I have ever endured. I basically had to wear a hazmat suit whilst milling it. Which brings us to our first step, milling it.

I buy most of my hardwoods with two squared sides and two rough cut sides. That way I can use the table saw to square up the rest of the pieces and rip them to width. I then use the mitre saw to crosscut the pieces to length.

I milled the lumber to get the most out of each piece, the final dimensions ended up being: 2cm x 3cm x 5 ½’’ (please excuse my Canadian form of measurement ). The handle is comprised of a piece of regular hard maple measuring 2cm x 3xm x 12’’ (try to find a piece with straight grain ). This is a great way to use up scraps in the shop!

I suggest gluing up the mallet in three separate panels. Once they’ve dried, glue the three panels together. This method avoids the struggle of trying to clamp up 11 pieces of slippery glue lathered wood!

jackreno115 months ago
Very interesting...

I'm not sure if it's just the camera, but the 'slice of ham' inlay looks like a solid paint, the photos don't show any of the grain. Additionally, the color seems off to me anyways, however I agree that raw maple wouldn't work either.

I'd imagine a light cherry would have a better color, and if you inlay-inlayed some bleached maple, you'd get the color while maintaining the 'raw wood' feel.
Ham-made (author)  jackreno115 months ago
Hey jackreno11,
The grain of the inlayed ham slice is much more obvious in person. I was going for a cartoon look which might explain why the colour seems a bit off to you. As far as using cherry, I was set on only using maple for this project.
Mr. Ham
Good to know! Overall, it's a cool project, I definitely don't want to come across as diminishing your work, just a few suggestions. Well done!
LondonThunder4 months ago
This is hamtastic! You should create a whole collection of ham inspired tools! (Ex: sandpaper sheets in the form of slices of ham). Side note, if the hammer ever gets damaged or loses chunks, you could save them for the BBQ for smoky maple wood chips and flavour your ham with them. Hamception.
MisterHighway5 months ago
Neat idea!
That's a meat idea indeed.
Ham-made (author)  ruudcreates5 months ago
Cheers ruudcreates!
Mr. Ham
Ham-made (author)  MisterHighway5 months ago
Thanks MisterHighway!
Mr. Ham