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Picture of Hammock Underquilt

While gearing up for the camping season I realized I needed an underquilt. Those of you viewing this instructable can probably guess why. For those of you who don't like guessing games, to put it simply, it gets cold at night when your just hanging around.

Sure I could have got an ultralight underquilt from amazon, but I was appalled by the prices. Granted, its justifiable to invest in good gear, but I thought "I could make one cheaper", so I did.

Welcome to the $27.00 hammock underquilt instructable.

Step 1: Pre-Planing

Picture of Pre-Planing

After doing a bit of research on hammock underquilts, I learned 3 things.

  1. Lots of people make their own.
  2. There are quite a few different designs, both retail and diy.
  3. I can't count.

Material: I decided upon using a sleeping bag for the underquilt material. They are weather rated, pre-filled, compressible, easy to find, and as a perk they come with a stuff sack.

Suspension: Referring to my hunt for knowledge above, I hoped on amazon to see how conventional underquilts were suspended. I noticed a lot of retail underquilts used 'shock cord', so that's what I decided to go with.

needfulthing4 months ago
A (rather) simple solution, an instruction which is fun to read and even some hand drawings on graph paper! You made my day better.
jetwashnc made it!4 months ago
Really easy, and cheap. Cost me 25$
codenova (author)  jetwashnc4 months ago
Looks great!
Aaaecm5 months ago
Sweet post. Your hammock insulator solution is much less trouble than my contraption. I modifies my Hennessy Hammock by sewing an extra layer of cloth on the outside of the bottom. Then I stuffed a pad in between. It wasn’t so much a warmth thing as placing a barrier so the mosquitoes couldn’t bite me through the tight nylon. I will be making one of your design this weekend. Thanks for posting.
I also have a Hennessey Hammock but the entrance is on the bottom. So how do you plan to enter the hammock if the quilt is in the way?
When I sewed the extra layer of cloth to the bottom of the hammock I made was just making a pocket like place to put a pad to protect my back from the Alaskan Mosquito bites. They will bite through stretched nylon. I sewed the pocket surface to the edges of the access slit on the Hennessey Hammock. Then I split my protective pad to fit. This meant that the pad slid in only from the head end. I made sure to include a flap to make sure the pad didn't slip out while I was asleep. Did that make any sense?

The design described in this Instructable will require bunching up the foot end of the underquilt towards the middle. Once inside the Hennessey Hammock there will be some gymnastics required to pull the bunched up quilt toward to foot end of the hammock. Exiting the hammock will be another adventure. I'm sure I will manage.
jessyratfink5 months ago
So clever!
sdavisrt5 months ago
I had the same idea with an old child size sleeping bag. it worked ok but didn't stay snug up against me in the hammock because I had just made attachments on the ends. I will be pulling it out and redoing it the way yours is designed. Thanks for the instructable
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is a great idea for a hammock mod! It makes so much sense, I just never considered that you may need one!