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Part of the design for a kitchen I've recently finished building in my flat were door fronts featuring hand carved pulls. Each of the door fronts, 14 in total, received its own unique design of pull that was then combined with a veneered panel to create the final door/drawer front.

For the pulls I decided to go with American White Oak because it matches other furniture I have in the room and for the veneer, a contrasting Smoked Oak.

There's a video of the full kitchen build attached, the door section starts at 11:50.

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools

The pulls were shaped using a relatively small hand tool set that I've built up over the years:

  • Measuring tools, pens, tape
  • A No.4, a block and a shoulder plane
  • Flat and convex spokeshave
  • Gouges
  • Chisels
  • Rasps and files
  • Cabinet scrapers
  • Sandpaper
  • Pull saw

And the only power tools being mitre/track saws to cut the timber to size and a drill with forstner bits.

RealDealZeal4 months ago
I like your approach.. doing them all in one go like this. You keep the uniformity of the design much better. Most of us would be tempted to finish one or two as we went along.. just to see how it would look. Great discipline shown here and what a result!
OutofPatience4 months ago
Your work is beautiful, and its uniqueness makes it even more admirable...very nicely done, indeed! Thanks so much for the inspiration and the clear instructables. You received a vote from me.
barclay5426 (author)  OutofPatience4 months ago
Thanks a lot of the kind words and vote!!
Wild-Bill4 months ago
Of your kitchen cabinet project I have to admit I love those pulls the best. You have solved one of the biggest problems, uniformity, by saying it will be in style. Your are not just a master cabinet maker but you are also an artist. Those pulls are beautifully right brained and you have the technical skills to bring it to fruition.
barclay5426 (author)  Wild-Bill4 months ago
Thanks again for the kind words! Ye I find woodworking allows for a nice combination of the technical and creative sides of me..
How many days it took to rebuild your kitchen?
barclay5426 (author)  Shashikanth SS4 months ago
We're talking months rather than days haha! About 8 months in total as I was doing it all by myself in the odd hour here and there after work etc...
If you ever want to have a marble/granite look to your counter tops, go to The products are amazing and easy to use. Love your new kitchen.
barclay5426 (author)  SomervilleDesigns4 months ago
Ye I did look into the epoxy topcoat option as well.. Thanks!
I love these! They look so stylish. Voted for you!
Thanks a lot!
audreyobscura4 months ago
When you posted the other project I was admiring the drawer pulls. Thanks for sharing this!
barclay5426 (author)  audreyobscura4 months ago