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Picture of Handmade Leather Sporran/Possibles Bag

I had just sold my last one of these to a person in Kyoto, Japan and was getting ready to make more when I saw the leather contest and thought, what the heck, and decided to document the process for all of you in 'ible land. This is my first Instructable, so be gentle with me and I will endeavor to learn and make better ones in the future.

Step 1: Tools and supplies

I didn't take a separate picture of the tools needed, but tried to add them in the steps as they were used.

The tools you will need are:

1. A template of some sort to trace your pattern on the leather

2. Something to mark the leather with. A sharpie works well as long as you are careful.

3. Something to cut the leather with. I use a utility knife with a sharp blade.

4. A stitch groover is nice, but not absolutely necessary

5. A #2 edger to help with slicking down the leather edges. This isn't required but looks much nicer.

6. Stitching chisels to punch the holes for sewing the leather pieces together.

7. A mallet of some sort. Please don't use a metal hammer on your tools.

8. Leather sewing needles and thread.

9. A stitching pony will make life much easier when it comes time to sew.

10. A hole punch for the lacing to go through. I use 1/4".

11. A sturdy surface to hammer on.

12. A cheap poly cutting board.

Supplies you'll need include:

1. Veg Tan Leather somewhere between 5 and 8 oz weight.

2. A softer leather for the bag front and back.

3. Dye. I prefer Fiebing's Pro Dye for all my projects.

4. Neatsfoot oil.

5. A topcoat protectant. I use Fiebing's Resolene.

6. A finish for the flesh side of the top flap. I use Fiebing's Tan Kote.

7. A finish for the leather edges. I use gum tragacanth.

8. Contact cement.

9. Lacing, I use 1/4" leather.

10. Beads or whatever other adornments you might like.

Aliciabill282 months ago
WOW! very beautiful. love it!
dafont showbox adam4adam

FredM85 (author)  Aliciabill282 months ago
Thank you so much!
1234567guy3 months ago
Do you recommend this for a beginner??
FredM85 (author)  1234567guy3 months ago
You might not do this for your first project, but I made my first one fairly early in my learning of this hobby and I didn't have a brilliantly written Instructable to refer to. :D
Seriously, there's nothing too complicated and you will get better at them with practice.
Cherzer4 months ago
I really like the look of the thicker veg tanned leather with the more supple finished leather. It has never occurred to me that they can be combined, and now my brain is dreaming up all kinds of new ideas. Thank you for taking the time to document your work!
FredM85 (author)  Cherzer4 months ago
Glad you liked it and hopefully it will inspire some great projects. I often see products and think,"What a neat idea! I bet I can use that to make .........."
Turk_24 months ago
Could you make it into a”hip” bag, with an adjustable strap w/hook and ring?
Love the look?
FredM85 (author)  Turk_24 months ago
I'm sure it could be done. I've never made one like that.
Lorddrake4 months ago
Wow. Beautiful work. Well documented. Keep up the great work.
FredM85 (author)  Lorddrake4 months ago
Thank you for the kind words!
BrianFarish4 months ago
Thank you from a leather newb for very clear, step-by-step instructions. I really like the project! If I ever make it, I think I'll try a hunter green dye as the contrast to the darker brown that you used... I saw another instructable where that color scheme really worked out.
Thank you again! Great project and I know how much work it is to both DO the project AND document the doing with photos and text.
FredM85 (author)  BrianFarish4 months ago
Thank you for the positive response and I hope this inspires you to make something like this yourself. I have a few different leathers I use for the bag portion. If you watch for the sales at Tandy sometimes you can get some real deals. I think I actually got this whole hide for $50.
Simply amazing. Just followed you and would love to see some more DIY from your end.
FredM85 (author)  dineshdhiman894 months ago
Thank you for the compliment and encouragement! I'll try and remember to document my next project. Usually I think about it about halfway through.
seamster4 months ago
Love it! Great instructions and inspiring results. Very well done! : )
FredM85 (author)  seamster4 months ago
Thanks! I'm glad you like it.