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Picture of Hanging flowers with vintage lights

If you love nature and interiors design, this project is for you!

The nature is a source of inspiration, isn't it? One of the features of nature I love the most is the way the forests combine so many types of greens and textures creating an unorganized but perfect landscape. I also admire wisteria and other trees that look like a dream come true.

Well... I have good news for you! You can create that same effect at your home and combine it with Edison bulb lights to bring a natural and warm atmosphere. You can even use this project to decorate an event.

Your guests will love it!

Step 1: Gather the materials

Picture of Gather the materials

A. For the structure:

  • 7 PVC pipes of 1.50m / ¾”
  • 4 pcs 90° elbows
  • 2 pcs equal tee
  • A square of 3.5 m x 2 meters of 3/4 Inch Galvanized Hex Mesh
  • Wire
  • PVC glue
  • Foliage and flowers (around 40 cm long)

Tools: cutting pliers

B. For the lights circuit:

  • 40 m of wire SVT-B 18/2 / SPT-2 18/2
  • Plug adapter
  • 25 sockets
  • 25 edison bulbs

Tools: Wire stripper, screwdriver