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Picture of Hanging Planters From Old T-Shirts

Despite already having a number of household plants, I always pick up a few new plant friends during these freezing months in an attempt to make my house feel more outside-like. The reality of Colorado Winters is that many of my days December - March are spent huddled in my living room with a hot cup of tea, dreaming of my Spring garden and Rocky Mountain wildflower hikes; therefore, household plants from other rooms migrate to the living room to ward off my seasonal blues. This Winter has been particularly frigid, and I seem to have acquired more plants than I had room for. Time for some plant hangers!

Even the most basic plant hangers at my local nursery cost $20, and I wasn't happy with the limited color selection. After wearing out a burnt orange t-shirt, I used it to make yarn for my first planter hanger; it worked and looked great in my home (and was soon joined by many other hanging planters). My t-shirt plant hangers don't use any materials other than your old shirt, making the cost $0. The color is determined by whatever shirt you use, so the options are endless! I don't use any fancy knots--just your basic overhand knot. Depending on the size of the shirt used, I've found that each shirt has material to hang two medium pots, one large and one small pot, or one extra large pot.

Get your plants up off the floor; let's make some free hanging planters!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials


Rotary Cutter - you can use scissors, but the rotary cutter makes the process much faster.



Cutting Matt

Optional: Binder Clips


Old T-Shirt - you need a shirt that is round-woven with no seams running up the sides.

Pot and a Plant - if you don't already have extra plants and planters around, go get a new plant friend! I love looking at thrift stores for "planters" like old cookie jars, serving bowls, and goldfish bowls. All make excellent and attractive vessels for your plants.

lanar176 months ago
Save the top of that T as it has a NEAT design. Use in winter to over another long sleeve to
keep your back and chest warm. Thanks for the great idea. Will try it this weekend!
emilygraceking (author)  lanar176 months ago
Absolutely! I use the rest of the shirt for making T-Shirt Journals if it has a cool design, and I cut up all un-printed parts of the shirt to use for shop rags (I am going to edit the ible and include that in the instructions to encourage others to not waste the rest of the shirt--thanks!)
pattymadeit6 months ago
~LOVE~ this!
emilygraceking (author)  pattymadeit6 months ago
Thank you! Hope it helps to bring some more plants into your home. :)
KesariN6 months ago
emilygraceking (author)  KesariN6 months ago
You are so sweet!