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The first time I ever saw a hardware chess set was this instructable here and I knew I had to make one for myself. I loved the concept of using commonly available hardware to make chess pieces. With the large variety of hardware available I wanted to take the inspiration that instructable gave me and build my own unique set. Years have gone by since then, and I have had various ideas floating around in my head and now I finally got around to making it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
A variety of hardware pieces (I will list the specific pieces in the description for each chess piece)
1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" treaded rod
Citric acid (the stuff I found was in the hardware store meant for etching concrete but it is also used in canning and for making bath bombs)
Gun blue
Clear coat

Dremel rotary tool with cut off discs and a wire sanding wheel
Drill press
zakbobdop2 months ago
congrats on winning :D
Kink Jarfold3 months ago
How clever! Very well done.
me-again100 (author)  Kink Jarfold3 months ago
Thank you!
schaapkameel3 months ago
This is awesooomeee! The best chess set i have ever seen!
me-again100 (author)  schaapkameel3 months ago
sabu.dawdy5 months ago
Love it
abductd515 months ago
love the castle nuts for the rooks.. and I thought they were for axle bearings :)
me-again100 (author)  abductd515 months ago
Been using them wrong for years lol. Glad you like them.
AnandM545 months ago
Amazing idea and did it amazed !! Great instructable ..
me-again100 (author)  AnandM545 months ago
Thank you
dorkette5 months ago
This is absolutely amazing! I almost wish I enjoyed chess :)
me-again100 (author)  dorkette5 months ago
Thank you
hanssen5 months ago
UkeDog5 months ago
Way cool! Your knight, in particular, is genius!
me-again100 (author)  UkeDog5 months ago
Thank you. The knight definitely took the most time (to figure out and to actually make). Glad you like it.
StriderInBree5 months ago
Very nice! Love this project!
me-again100 (author)  StriderInBree5 months ago
Thank you :)
jeanneambro5 months ago
This is seriously cool! I'm adding this to my to-do list!! Thanx for sharing. :-)
me-again100 (author)  jeanneambro5 months ago
Thanks! Glad you like it.
Jack A Lopez5 months ago
Is the chessboard, pictured in the Intro Step, made from materials from the hardware store as well? It kind of looks like tile, uh... from the tile aisle, if you'll forgive the rhyme.

Is that what I am looking at? That is: little pieces of black and white tile? I am wondering what is the nominal size of these little tile squares, if that is what they are.

You did not write any words describing the chessboard.

However, your descriptions of how to make the chess pieces, are clear, and I think you did a brilliant job with those.
me-again100 (author)  Jack A Lopez5 months ago
Yes, the chessboard is tile from the hardware store. I am currently making the board for the set and that is what the top will be. I will post an instructable for the board when it is complete (assuming it turns out). For now though, they are 2" square tiles (actual size is more like 1 7/8"). They were sold in 12" squares held together by small dabs of glue which was easy to cut apart. One black one and one white gives more than enough to make a chessboard.