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Picture of hardwood gate

we build a new hardwood entrance gate.

the base is built in Okan hardwood, the sidings are Tali hardwood

materials used:

- Okan hardwood 90mmx90mm

- Okan hardwood 75mmx60mm

- Tali hardwood 145mmx25mm

equipment used:

- mitter saw

- impact driver

- glue clamps

- inox screws (5x70, 5x90, 4x50)

- wood bolts (6x70)

- rustremover spraycan

- black paint spraycan

- outdoor woodglue D4

- belt sander and rotary sander

Step 1: Sketching out.

Picture of Sketching out.
poort de vrièrestraat 22.jpg

step 1:

go to the site and measure the old gate or the opening where you plan on installing the gate

Then I started sketching out the gate, using the measurements I made on site and keeping the width and depth of my wood in mind. the sketch-up is then the guide for the whole build. I originally planned to make a cross at the back - as you can see in the drawings - but as I was building the gate I opted to make a square subframe instead of the cross.

Nai5155 months ago
In what country was this project done? Okan and Tali are not available in Canada as far as I am aware.
Dvda2108 (author)  Nai5155 months ago
I'm from Belgium so the project was done right here in Belgium. Tali and Okan are easy to buy here in local woodshops.

what kind of wood would you use in canada to build these kind of projects? redwood or american oak or something else?
AKOldman5 months ago
Wow, that is one very sturdy gate. Nicely done!
Dvda2108 (author)  AKOldman5 months ago