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Hey guys, as a Harry Potter fan, I wanted a place to proudly display all of my Harry Potter swag. So I made this floating shelf based on the Deathly Hallows symbol from the Harry Potter series ( I built this using some scrap pieces in my shop, and used epoxy to join them together to make. It was a lucky accident that I realized epoxy was the perfect medium to customize which house I belonged to!

Be sure to check out the Youtube video above, which should help with better understanding each step.


Walnut Hardwood: (3x) 33.5"x6"x3/4" (LxWxT)

Padauk Hardwood: 32" x 4" x 3/4" (LxWxT)

1/2" MDF: 48"x48" sheet 3/4" Plywood: 48"x48" sheet

Epoxy w/Slow Hardener:

Sheathing Tape:



White Marker:

Circle Cutting Jig:

Flush Trim Router Jig:

Jointer Push Block:

Microjig Gripper:

Disclosure: All links above are Amazon affiliate links. There are no additional costs to the buyer. The small kickback I receive from qualifying purchases helps me to further invest into my channel and help to support my craft.

Step 1: Prepping Lumber for the "Cloak of Invisibility"

Since I was working with live edge offcuts, I picked out pieces that were all roughly the same length and cleaned the loose materials off of the pieces using a chisel and followed up by sanding the edges with 80 grit sand paper.

Next, I ran each piece through the jointer to get a flat face, and then through the planer to get all the pieces down to the same thickness. Lastly, I used my table saw to cut all the pieces down to the same length.

Great idea, and beautifully executed. Nice work!
COtterstrom844 months ago
Bevelish Creations (author)  COtterstrom844 months ago
Bruceaulrich5 months ago
Cool project, Alex!
Bevelish Creations (author)  Bruceaulrich5 months ago
Thanks Bruce! I just discovered Instructables, it's pretty awesome!
bstephens105 months ago
Do you sell these?
Bevelish Creations (author)  bstephens105 months ago
Hi! Yes I do. I've made a bunch of these for commission already. Check it out on my Instagram @bevelish_creations. If you are interested please send me a DM there, or email me at :)
imheya5 months ago
Great tutorial
Could you update your affiliate links? They all point to the epoxy.
Bevelish Creations (author)  imheya5 months ago
Thanks for pointing out about the affiliate links! I don't know what happened there
ruudcreates5 months ago
Looks magical, well done.
Bevelish Creations (author)  ruudcreates5 months ago
Thank you!