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Picture of Turn a 250yo Tree Into A Love Seat!
The Giving Tree is preserved into a very popular photo destination spot and hangout!

Step 1: Sad loss becomes a happy place

Picture of Sad loss becomes a happy place
When we began our restoration of an 1870’s property in Statesville, NC, we were sad to learn that one of the most beautiful trees on the property had to go. It had root rot and since it towered over the house, it had to be carefully removed. As a tree hugger, all I wanted was to save something of this tree because it predated the homes construction and deserved to endure.
wodentoad4 months ago
Better Idea: carve it into a bedpost and build your house around it, but keep it secret. Then after war and misfortune keep you away from your family for 19 years, you can use it to prove to your wife that you are her husband...

Just a thought.
Ahhh, my days in the college Literature department. You just made my day! :)
Just finished reading my verse translation to my 3yo daughter.
You're reading The Odyssey to your 3yo? Wow! Lucky little girl! :-)
We have also read both of the D'Aulaire books on mythology as well. Right now we just started our second reading of the Hobbit/LotR series (by request). I have been reading to my kids since they were born, and they love books.
W, you are my hero. I'm in love with any parent who takes that much time and interest in their children. You have a gold star, a crown, and a long, flowing cape in my books <3
Nah, just a lit geek with a captive audience. She also laughs at poots, so...
LOL! But really, this is one who grew up with parents who mostly ignored her and had little use for her. I'm always thrilled when I find a parent who takes time with their kids. Wear that crown and cape with pride, dear!
Eh Lie Us!4 months ago
Great repurpose!
Key to EscapeS (author)  Eh Lie Us!3 months ago
rocket radhi4 months ago
Amazing idea, I'm a tree hugger too..
Key to EscapeS (author)  rocket radhi4 months ago
Not a forester by any stretch. However, I do have a stump and roots here that was here twelve years ago. No bark, no obvious rotting. I wonder if it might be worth the effort (and expense) to dig it out of the ground. cut and clean the roots appropriately and make it portable!
The tree (and roots) are wet. Getting it all above ground might allow it to be preserved.
Excellent project BTW, Brilliant!
Key to EscapeS (author)  charlessenf-gm4 months ago
Thanks; arborist said area is actually well suited for drainage away from tree and the property is on the national registry so we are trying to keep the tree in its original location. It won’t last forever but he estimated with the Aussie oil we can get 30-40 years out of it.
LynorL4 months ago
Beautiful photo prop! We tried something similar and made a table. The roots and base rotted from the inside out in about 4 years. Same thing happened to two 40’ trunk totems we carved. We were sealing them every year, and didn’t know the insides were rotting until one fell on our greenhouse. I don’t know how that could have been prevented, but just sealing the outer surface wasn’t enough. You’ll have to come up with a creative solution if you want your carved trunk to last.
Key to EscapeS (author)  LynorL4 months ago
Not sealing the tree because it’s still alive... that would cause it to rot fast. Instead using oils to treat tree.... arborist warmed us not to seal it for 5-10 years
Gusgonnet4 months ago
wow, what a great project, congrats!!!
Bionicjoe4 months ago
Step 1. Find acorn.
Step 2. Plant acorn.
Step 3. Wait awhile.
seamster4 months ago
This is great!!
Key to EscapeS (author)  seamster4 months ago
Thank you. My happy place
allangee4 months ago
Cool idea! Have planted a tree. Will let you know how it works out... 250 years from now.
Key to EscapeS (author)  allangee4 months ago
Great plan
GregS2784 months ago
How did you find out it had root rot? I have a oak tree that's very old just wondering thanks!

Key to EscapeS (author)  GregS2784 months ago
City arborist did testing on the tree. Broke my heart but better than breaking my house
AnandM544 months ago
These looking so nice work!!wow
Key to EscapeS (author)  AnandM544 months ago
Thank you!
Key to EscapeS (author) made it!4 months ago
Preserving a tree from the past was a real GRIND but it has become a centerpiece in our landscaping.