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So this is my Hawkgirl costume. I decided to create my own version of the Hawkgirl you see in the DC comic books. I made about 95% of the costume. I wanted to create something that would make people gasp when they saw my costume. That is exactly the reaction I got from most people when they saw my wings go from closed to fully open with the click of a remote control. This is definitely the longest it has ever taken me to make a costume!

Here are the materials I used:

For Wings:

-Pheasant feathers, Turkey feathers, goose feathers, aluminum square tube bars, mini linear actuator, 12 volt sla battery, 14 gauge aluminum wire, thin cotton material, loctite power grab glue, bolts, nuts, drill, hacksaw, file, hot glue gun, high temperature glue gun sticks, backpack straps, 1/4 inch sintra, spray paint, cotton fabric

For Body Armor:

-Foam .5 inch thickness, thin EVA foam, Jewelry beads, spray paint, acrylic, contact cement

For Cuffs:

-Sintra, heat gun

For Head Piece:

-Thin foam, .5 inch foam, contact cement

Step 1: Wing Framework

Picture of Wing Framework

I first started with getting the framework for wings ready and I used a scale drawing to get measurements of wing framework. I used aluminum flat bars but then once I was done building it I realized the feathers put too much weight on the flat bars and I needed something sturdy so I then used aluminum square tube bars. You can use both, you'll just have to be more careful with the flat bars.

First, you measure the flat bars and cut them with a hacksaw to whatever height you would like depending on how tall you are with the design shown in the photos. After cutting, you file the edges of bar to take away sharpness. Then you drill and bolt the pieces together.

I cut the piece of 1/4 inch sintra to fit my back and I used heat gun to mold it to shape of my back. (wear a mask while heating up the sintra). I cut the straps of an old backpack I had to attach to sintra and then attach the framework to the sintra that I used as the back board that goes on my back.

Next step is to mount the battery (12 volt sla battery), the actuator, and the control box for the actuator. The actuator is a piston that goes up and down and helps the wings open up. This is the one I bought. The control box allows for remote control operation of the actuator, this is the one I bought.

OMG, i was looking at the price ranger for the motors and controller. that mean the wings alone were close to $300?! this is like a $400 costume i would think, if not more! Great work. Very impressed =)
Thank you. It was close to over $700 for everything . :/ but well worth it
seamster10 months ago
The wings are spectacular! So, so good! : )
Kink Jarfold10 months ago
I love it! That is fantastic. Excellent, excellent, excellent job. Bravo! --Kink--
fashionate_warrior (author)  Kink Jarfold10 months ago
Thank you!!!!