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Hi there! I'd like to show you how I made this herringbone table that can seat up to eight (yeah, 8!) people. It was such a fun project to work on and the result was exactly what I was hoping.

The best part about it was that I spent under $20 in wood! Yeah, you read that correctly! My boy, Andy Jackson, hooked it up! [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅20)̲̅$̲̅]

In this Instructable I'll show step-by-step how each portion of the table was made and assembled from scratch.

Below are the parts of the table and their steps:

Materials: Step 1

Table Top: Step 2

Legs: Step 9

Aprons: Step 11

Finishing: Step 13

Thanks and see you in the next step. --->

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
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Please note that not all materials and tools are needed or have to be exact. For example, I used the planer because the 1x6's I bought were not smooth, but I did only pay $1.52/piece (marked down). You can skip using the planer if you were to buy 1x6's that are already surfaced, but it might be tough to get them cheap.

Table top

Eight (8) 8-ft 1" x 6" Band sawn boards from the HD. Marked down to $1.52/piece!

One (1) 4' x 8' OSB board - Free

One (1) 8-ft 2"x4" (already had one from a previous project)


Three (3) 10-ft 2" x 4"s also marked down to $1!

Table Apron

One (1) 8-ft 1" x 6" Band sawn board

Tapering Jig (optional)

scrap 1x3; at least 2 1/2 longer than the length of the legs

hinge (I used a door hinge, but smaller hinge would work as well...and probably better)


Materials (<--clickable list)

Watco Dark Walnut Danish Oil

Tack cloth

Disposable gloves

Kreg pocket hole screws

Sandpaper (palm sander and belt sander) [optional]


Tools (<--clickable list)

Table saw

Miter saw



Palm sander

Belt sander

Brad nailer & air compressor

Kreg pocket hole jig

Thickness planer [optional]

Measuring tape

Speed square

xstfoc3 months ago
For outdoor wood protection, the best thing to use is a marine spar varnish with UV protection.

Good project and good luck with the finishing.
Nrogne5 months ago
That’s a nice looking table. I have had good luck with minwax helmsman polyurethane.
watch me DIY it (author)  Nrogne5 months ago
seamster5 months ago
Nice work, I really like the finished look. Much bigger than I initially assumed, too! : )
watch me DIY it (author)  seamster5 months ago
I’ve attached a pic to show that 8 chairs can fit.
guru72365 months ago
I want to make some furniture by myself..
watch me DIY it (author)  guru72365 months ago