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Picture of Hexagon Jig

There are several ways to cut a hexagon out of wood. You could use a table saw with a miter gauge, a band saw, miter saw, and so on. When you want to batch out several hexagons and make them all the exact same, it can get tricky. That’s why I decided to build a simple hexagon cutting jig.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Here are the tools and materials I used for this project:

JavierL9022 days ago
Love a good jig! Imagine the cool stuff you could build with a ton of hexagons..
Boxes! I made a hundred last year for the woodworkers club Christmas toy drive.
wb8nbs20 days ago
My method uses a modified crosscut sled with a flip stop.
seamster24 days ago
Excellent work, great results. I absolutely need to swap the wooden runners on my table saw sled to plastic ones!
diymontreal (author)  seamster21 days ago
Thank you! And I highly recommend the plastic runners. No fuss and perfect fit!
FredG3622 days ago
Nice set up and excellent explanation.
Yes, this is great. I have no idea yet what I might use this for but I downloaded the plans. I'm sure something will come to me.