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Picture of Hiccups Armor REALISTIC

For this Halloween I wanted to dress up as one of my favorite characters from How to Train your Dragon Hiccup Haddock! In order to do the outfit right I tried as best I could to make it as authentic as possible, which means using real steel, straps buckles and primarily hand tools. I succeeded in this aspect with only using a couple things that were unrealistic like a bit of foam for padding. Its a lot of hard work but I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Power Tools

A Dremel will come in handy with cutting the sheet metal (Reinforced metal cutting wheels are best)

Hand Tools

A Ball Pein Hammer

A Cast Steel Wok

Scissors (Used for cutting material)

Metal snips (Used for cutting sheet metal if you don't have a Dremel)

Leather hole punch

Soldering iron or Woodburning tool

Marking tools


System Three epoxy (Used for attaching Pleather to steel)

Loctite Super Glue (Used for attaching things to pleather, foam and steal)

2ft x 3ft 22-Gauge weldable sheet metal (3 sheets should do depending on your size thinner gauge will work too)

Pleather (Purchased from Joanns (try to match color as best you can))

Eyelets (Used for tying pieces together for wearing)

Rivets (Asthetically pleasing and accurate)

Sewing needle and thread (For sewing, naturally)

Paint and Paintbrushes

Foam (Used for padding)

Buckles and straps (For wearing)

Marble block (used for rivets and eyelets)