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Hiccup's Leather Helmet From How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World

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Picture of Hiccup's Leather Helmet From How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World

Hi! I'm The Redsmith, I'm a maker.

A few days ago, my wife, my son and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the premiere of the movie How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. We love the franchise and the movie was wonderful. It's the perfect ending for the trilogy. I highly recommend you to go and watch it.

As I was watching the movie, I started to wonder if I would be able to make Hiccup's helmet for my kid, and as soon as I got back home, I started working on this helmet. It took me a long time to figure out a design that would work from my memories and the few pictures I found online, but I think I got it pretty close to what you'll see in the movie.

I used 2.4mm/6oz vegetable tanned leather for all the parts of the helmet, except the little spikes on the side, for which I used 2.2mm/5oz veg. tan. leather. There are many ways to make a helmet out of leather. Personally, I chose to wet the leather and to shape it on a mannequin head which is almost the size of my kid's head. The most difficult part was to carve the leather in order to make it look like dragons scales, but I think I managed to make fake dragon scales pretty well :)

The helmet is too small for me a slightly too big for my kid, which is a good thing, he'll be able to play with it for a long time as he grows up. It was a lot of work, but my kid loves it, so it was totally worth the time I spent on it.

This helmet is a unique piece, only made for my son. I don't have a pattern as I was prototyping it as I built it.

But here is how I built it.

I made a full tutorial video that you can watch here :

Step 1: Get Ready

Picture of Get Ready

For this build you will need:

  • A mannequin foam head
  • Some plastic cooking wrap
  • Some duct tape
  • 2.4mm/6oz vegetable tanned leather
  • 2.2/5oz vegetable tanned leather
  • Black & red leather dye
  • Leather neatsfoot oil
  • Leather lacquer
  • Waxed cotton thread
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing pins
  • A stitching pony
  • A sewing meter
  • An x-acto knife
  • A size 4 diamond hole punch
  • A round leather punch
  • Two black rivets + rivet punch
  • A wooden mallet
  • A ballpoint stylus
  • Some leather tracing paper
  • A edge beveler
  • A groover
  • A stitching awl
  • A nail file
  • A swivel knife
  • A beveler stamp
  • A background stamp
  • A clean sponge
  • Some warm water

These are the tools I used for the build but some of them can be replaced by the tools you have at home.

Now, let's get to it.

Bradhale731 month ago
I will be making one out of eva foam. Do you have the templates you made for sale or download
TheRedsmith (author)  Bradhale731 month ago
Unfortunately no.
Honus5 months ago
Spectacular work!
TheRedsmith (author)  Honus5 months ago
Thank you very much!
Two words: Voted (&) Awesome.
Both are very true.
TheRedsmith (author)  winneremerald126 months ago
Thank you very much! :)
I love helmets, and this one is amazing!
TheRedsmith (author)  materia_historia6 months ago
Thank you very much!!
Pricklysauce6 months ago
Hey Red...fantastic instructable and an amazing looking helmet
TheRedsmith (author)  Pricklysauce6 months ago
Thanks a lot mate! I appreciate it :)
This is awesome!!! Great job, turned out incredible! :)
Thank you very much Matt! Glad you liked it!
You are very welcome!! :)
seamster6 months ago
I love this! This is one of the finest costume helmets I think I've ever seen. So much awesome. Well done!! : )
TheRedsmith (author)  seamster6 months ago
Thank you very much! :)
snorlaxprime6 months ago
Awesome helmet with so fine details. Great instructions. Do you mind sharing the design file? Thanks in advance.
TheRedsmith (author)  snorlaxprime6 months ago
Thank you very much. As written in the tutorial, I don't have any pattern. I was prototyping all the way.
DawnRayA16 months ago
love it, shared it. i hope you win!
TheRedsmith (author)  DawnRayA16 months ago
Thank you very much! I appreciate it!
LloydF16 months ago
Your steps are so punny!! =P
TheRedsmith (author)  LloydF16 months ago
Thanks a lot. Glad you noticed ;)