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Picture of Do-It-Yourself, 3D Printed Coffee Thermos
  • Have you been longing to learn how to create your own thermocup? Like the one shown above? Well, maybe you have that desire but you don't have any prior knowledge of any CAD program.
  • But in this instructable, we are going to learn how to create our own thermocup using an easy to use CAD program called SelfCAD. The steps are easy to follow as described below.

Step 1: Making the Nut and the Cylinder

Picture of Making the Nut and the Cylinder

  • Select the Nut generator tool in the create section.Set the pitch, which determines the height of the object to 3.
  • Don't change the segments, leave it at 150. This determines the number of rotation and smoothness.Set the Pitch to 1.
  • This determines the size of the screw.Set the tip segments to 16. This determines the smoothness of the endpoints.Set the outside edges to 26 and click finalize the shape.
  • Turn on fine polygon tool to select all the polygons in the cycle. Select scale tool and set the X and Y axis to 80.

narcoth1 year ago
Love the cup design and 3D CAD use

3D printed is not used for food containers because the small gaps between the layers (assuming FDM printer)can never really get clean enough to the sanitary.

PET plastic is used in soda bottles...

Perhaps a liner of stainless steel (like hydroflask) or glass (original thermos)?
Sammy50 (author)  narcoth1 year ago
Thanks so much @Narcoth. I didn't know that 3D printed are not used for food containers. I am also glad that you love the cup design and SelfCAD program.
VajkF1 year ago
What printer did you use?
Sammy50 (author)  VajkF1 year ago
3Dator (I printed directly while still on the program)
Image 2.png
carlos66ba1 year ago
Mmm, is your plastic really food safe? Most likely not or you are not sure so don't. Other than that, cool design.
Sammy50 (author)  carlos66ba1 year ago
Thank you. Am not very sure too if it's save