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  • For about a year I changed my home and to save on costs I'm renovating one floor at a time. as the existing kitchen was demolished and having to live in the new home I had to build a temporary kitchen that was economical but at the same time functional and pleasant.

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At first I thought of using pallets that are structurally solid and easy to find but the result too sloppy was not good. So I decided to re-use parts of used beehives I had bought when I had time to dedicate myself to beekeeping, one of my passions.

emrude1 year ago

You have done a great job putting together a special kitchen. The one thing you should be aware of is lead paint. The old hives I have from the 1980's tested positive for lead. The wear and tear of any part paint with lead base paint could somewhat be protected with a clear coating(varnish). Here in the states lead abatement is a big issue. I like your green color. Very clever recycling.

As far as a source of bee hive parts in the states, find a local beekeeping club and have them ask members if they have or know of anyone who has old hive parts they don't use. But be careful--beekeeping is a lot of fun, and you might just end up being a beekeeper.

tiero (author)  emrude1 year ago

Thank you so much for interest and for your advice about safety. Here in Italy lead paint is not so common but i’ll Make proper investigations.

Thank you also for your suggestions about sourcing of bee hives, will be apriciated by followers who want try.

I’m already a beekeeper. You’re right: lot of fun!

Best wishes


Alywolf1 year ago
I really enjoyed this. where can someone look for old been hives? I have not been interested in raising them myself so I have never looked.
tiero (author)  Alywolf1 year ago

hi madam.

Thanks for your interest.
but I have no idea where you can find it. In my country, many farmers also breed bees and it is not so difficult to find used hives. try to find some beekeeper close to your town or search on the internet. my advice is, however to try to breed this marvelous social insect before building a kitchen. After, as a teacher you can pass your experience to your student..

Best wishes