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Picture of Hot Smoked Garlic puree

You will need:

Garlic Bulbs
Barbecue with Lid or Smoker
Charcoal (we used restaurant quality apple wood briquettes)
Wood Chips / Dust (we used Alder and Whiskey Oak)
+ Blender

Step 1: Full Video Recipe

Before we continue you can see the whole process in the video here.

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Now on with the instructable!

Banyo21 days ago
Propably too much spicy for me, but if I use only little to mash or steak it will be tasty
Food-D (author)  Banyo17 days ago
A lot of the spicy, picante taste you associate with garlic is dulled during the smoking/cooking process. Defo try it out
memjr731 month ago
I am so making this!!!!

As far as taste goes, how smokey does it get though? I figure smoking with the skins on will hold a lot of the smoke, maybe even almost all of it, from getting into the actual cloves.
Food-D (author)  memjr731 month ago
Hi Mario, with regards to cold smoking garlic, I couldn't agree more with what you say. It just colors the skin in my opinion (looks cool though). With this being hot smoking then there is a big difference, the skin acts as a barrier for some of the heat but the garlic is essentially cooked in its skin (some even leaks out) so the smoke really does penetrate. Give it a go and tag me if you post! All the best. David