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Picture of Hoverboard Lawn Mower (Hovermower?)

Your kid is bored with his is good time for a reuse...

Make something useful with an hoverboard, turn it into a silent lawn mower.

Mowing the lawn will never be the same ...

I wanted to share this design with the community...hopefully it will be reused, improved and have a bright future.

The main hoverboard used in this instructable is only slightly modified and can still be used as an hoverboard.

Safety Warning: If you plan on doing such an hoverboard mower, you will have to manipulate carefully batteries, reel blades. Make sure batteries are unplugged when working on the control part, double check polarity of your circuit.

Step 1: The Concept

Picture of The Concept

The hoverboard lawn mower (Hovermower?) is made from a manual reel mower and an hoverboard attached together with a custom made steel frame.
The reel mower is motorized using parts salvaged from a second hoverboard (If you cannot steal one from your kid they are easy to find second hand).

Maker Saga3 months ago
I wish I would have thought of this! Nice work.
TommyW114 months ago
Mohammade98 months ago
very smart!
design meets curiosity

mderton8 months ago
You sound like a fun neighbor to have.
How long do the batteries last? How much can you get mown before they die?
lmu34 (author)  justin_the_jack8 months ago
Hi, it is a fairly recent setup and I do not have much experience or data to share yet. The only thing I can tell is that it is enough for my small garden (I have less that 100sqm of lawn). Hoverboards usually have a capacity of 10 to 20km which would be around one hour of usage. I expect it to be little less as garden are not as flat as roads. I expect the reel battery to last longer than the hoverboard battery as it is driving a single motor.
machman888 months ago
That's a great project! My son's been after me to get him a hoverboard now I have a reason to get one :)
patpenguin8 months ago
OMG What an awesome creation! I am LOL thinking about ME being on that thing. If I were younger (I am 67), I would definitely do this thing!! I hope you hear back from lots of ppl trying this.
Chateepatee8 months ago
Pretty kool- well put together instructions too. Where did you find the reel mower? Around here those run about $120-$150 and up. Would be better if I found one at a yard sale!
lmu34 (author)  Chateepatee8 months ago
Hi, I bought mine about 70€ some times ago on internet. They are easy to find -at least in Europe. I bought my first reel mower at a yard sale...they are so chip...but for this project I thought it would be nice to use those friction less mowers. The only difference compared to a standard reel mower is that the blade has two adjustment screws to set its position as close as possible to the reel (and with minimum contact). All this to say that there is no magic in the friction less reel mower and if you find a good reel mower at a yard sale it is worth a try for sure!
TedA238 months ago
I think i know what i want to build this winter and chock the neighbours when spring has come ;).

Great instructions mate, thumbs up!
For a second there ,I thought you was talking something that the golf course ground crews used before we had weedeaters. A FlyMow that had no wheels at all..but hovered.We used them around lakes and all kinds of places trimming.You had a 2stroke engine and light mower housing like a Lawnboy.But the center 2/3 of the blade areas was fan disk. It wasn't as pretty a cut as our reel mowers,but alot easier to "mow" and dry the greens,in open areas.Than a weedeater and leafblower.We have since gone to sandbagged helicopters and tractor powered leafblowers for the drying during tournaments.And weedeater were cheaper than the FlyMow.Running something like Shakespeare blades in the rough.
misterxp8 months ago
Wow fantastic! Opens the road to other add on accessories!
makemyclay8 months ago
so cool and very well presented.
jessyratfink8 months ago
I love it! Ridiculous yet practical haha :D
joe2002178 months ago
nice...good idea
Perfect DIY8 months ago
That is so cool! it looks fun to ride
tercero8 months ago
Kind of the electric version of the Wright Stand Up Mower you'd see in commercial applications.
Awesome! I would not have thought to put these things together. Very clever design.