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Picture of Tenor Ukelele
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Hello everyone, I am very happy to share my last project, recently I considered building my first instrument, a ukulele, and finally I finished it. It's a tenor type and I built it at home with the tools that I had. In this Instructable I want to show you the process that I followed, based on the limitations that had to do it at home, I know that in the end I made some mistakes in the construction, so I want you to know that this is not an inalterable guide, but more well a kind of motivation for you to build your own. Doing so will take some time to research, watch video tutorials, etc. but in the end I think it's worth it.

As an extra tip, I recommend you enroll for the woodworking class, because many of the tips that show there, I applied to this project. ;)

Step 1: References, Plans, Measurements,etc

Picture of References, Plans, Measurements,etc

At first I searched online for free ukulele plans, I did not find much variety, and the ones I found I did not like very much. So I looked for some references of the model that I wanted to build and start getting measurements based on what I found on the internet. I will attach the plans that I made of the body of the ukulele, the neck, the bridge and something else ...

Pd: The plans that I made are in centimeters. They are in a pdf format to print in 1: 1 scale, I did not put measures to avoid confusion. You can measure it directly from the paper. Something measurements of these plans are not completely accurate, you will have to check that everything worked according to how you build it ;)

crazypj3 months ago
I don't play any instruments and don't know anyone who could use this but I think you give enough information that I could build it if I wanted to. Using pretty much minimal tools, anyone could build this. I'm goving it top marks in woodworking contest
F_A_B_A_S (author)  crazypj3 months ago
thank you very much!
Ham-made4 months ago
As a high school music teacher, I've incorporated all of the ukulele variants into my curriculum and have a mini uke symphony! I was going to purchase a StewMac kit for my first uke build but thanks to your 'ible, I'm no longer intimidated and will just dive in when the time comes!
P.S. That's exactly what my shop looks like after every project!
Mr. Ham
F_A_B_A_S (author)  Ham-made4 months ago
Wow! a uke symphony, that sounds great!!
I hope you can build it soon.
Thanks :)
When they're all in tune it sounds great! We have baritones, tenors, concerts, and soprano ukes that make up the orchestra and it's a whole lot of fun!
Mr. Ham
titchtheclown4 months ago
Titch the Clown approves!
ArthurJ54 months ago
After seeing your “monstrosity” I thought you should spend sometime making these cam clamps.
I made a set of short and long and use them all the time, not just for guitars.

The other clamp you could make is a spool clamp, but they are for guitar making only.
F_A_B_A_S (author)  ArthurJ54 months ago
Thank you very much for your comment, . They look very useful and easy to build. I'm sure I'll do them.
Kink Jarfold4 months ago
Very impressive Instructable.
Grant Wood.png
Hakamisu4 months ago
How did you find bending the sides. I feel like that's the most intimidating part. Not sure I'd get the bends right. Did it take more than a few tries?
F_A_B_A_S (author)  Hakamisu4 months ago
At the beginning it was also the part that most intimidated me, but it was quite simple.
It took me a couple of tries, but because I did not find the right method, I used steam, hot water, but in the end what gave me good results was the one I found on this YouTube channel WoodworkersJournal, in this video
I dipped the sheet a little where I was going to bend it and then I pressed it on a pipe that I heated in my stove. And it went well on the first try :)
Thanks. I was looking at streaming as well because making a PVC steam pipe seamed less daunting, but then I saw the issues if spring back and the issues with that.
JavierL904 months ago
I love that you were able to do it without thousands of dollars of fancy tools, it's much more approachable for all of us, and it looks beautiful too!!
F_A_B_A_S (author)  JavierL904 months ago
Thank you so much!
coes664 months ago
Amazing limited tool build! I sometimes think my shop is too cluttered, and you have proven that one doesn’t need to have every tool in the book to complete a complex build. Ingenuity, skill, and patience are it all it takes sometimes.

Sounds and looks great.

F_A_B_A_S (author)  coes664 months ago
That truly means a lot to me. Thank you so much!
JuanA2104 months ago
you made blow my mind beautiful instrument
F_A_B_A_S (author)  JuanA2104 months ago
Thank you so much!
gralan4 months ago
You have given me courage to tackle an instrument build that is within my skillset and tools on-hand. Thank you muchly. This reads clear, pictures are spot on; I join the others who salute you.
F_A_B_A_S (author)  gralan4 months ago
I'm happy to read that. Thank you so much!
this is beautiful! by far the best i've seen on this contest! Voted!
F_A_B_A_S (author)  White Raven Shed4 months ago
Thanks a lot! :)
audreyobscura4 months ago
This build is super impressive, you did such a good job with your documentation too!
F_A_B_A_S (author)  audreyobscura4 months ago
Thanks! :)