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Picture of How To Make Origami a Balloon

You can play with this paper balloon by bouncing it in the palm of your hand.

Step 1: White side up

Picture of White side up

White side up, fold paper in half.

You can try fill it with water and make paper water balloons or bombs :D

ishiyasu (author)  tomas.nera.184 years ago

Thank you for comment!! It is paper water balloons! Thanks!!

And I forgot to say 2 things if you are trying the paper water balloons you need to use thiker paper. And I am not 100 % sure but i think you need to change the title i says: How To Make Origami a Balloon but i think the "a " before Balloon isint need'd it going to look Like this : "How To Make Origami Balloon"

(Sorry for my english it isnt my main language)

timkulig14 years ago
I always make these when I'm bored and playing with paper of I make noise maker.
ishiyasu (author)  timkulig14 years ago

The origami is fun! Thank you!! :)

what size of paper
ishiyasu (author)  super dude 84 years ago

This size of paper is about 6inch. Give it a try! :)