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Step 3: Canard, Fourth and Wing Folding

Fold the previous folds along the existing creases as shown, then pull the overhanging paper back away from the center crease. Repeat on the other side. Pull the tip of the nose back until its tips meet the apex of the diamond; then tuck the edges of the paper underneath the other layers as shown.

Pull the tips of the paper along the trailing edges into the center fold and crease to make the fourth folds. After making the creases, unfold. After you have done this, reverse the creases as shown. Next, fold the fourth folds the opposite way from what you did before. Fold the paper down and reverse the airfoil folds as shown.

With this completed, pull the outer tips of the wings outward between the airfoils and trailing edges as shown. After doing this on each side, reverse the airfoil folds again to place all airfoils on the ventral side of the paper as pictured.