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Step 4: Nose, Canard, Wing and Winglet Folding; Taping

Pull the tip of the nose to the trailing edge and crease as shown. Measure 1 inch back from this crease along the center crease and make a mark at this point. Pull the nose forward again and crease (be sure to keep the nose straight by aligning the center crease with itself). After making this second crease, unfold it and fold the tips inward as shown. After doing so, pull the nose forward once again.

Fold the aircraft in half along the center crease, then measure 1 inch above the center crease along the trailing edge and make a mark. Before folding the wings down, fold the canards down. Fold the wings down at the trailing edge mark. Align the trailing edges of the wing with the trailing edge of the fuselage to maintain the proper angle of incidence.

To make the winglets, you will have to make four marks. Measure 1 inch from each wingtip along the wings' trailing edges and mark as noted. After doing this, measure 1.75 inches from each wingtip along the wings' leading edges and mark as noted.

Tape where noted in the photographs.