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Picture of How To Make The Super StratoVulcan Paper Airplane
Fast, long range and versatile, the Super StratoVulcan is a simple but capable development of the StratoVulcan paper airplane. The Super StratoVulcan is designed to be able to better operate at higher angles than its predecessor, and has reconfigured leading edges like the comparable Turbo Vulcan and AeroVulcan.

Being closely related to the StratoVulcan and being designed around the same time as the Turbo Vulcan and AeroVulcan, the Super StratoVulcan's development period was rather short due to its retention of most of its basis' configuration. Flight testing showed the aircraft's handling as docile, and it was allotted an instructable.

TAA USAF Designation: F292-7

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
Scissors (additional surfaces only)

I accidentally modded it through misinterpretation of instructions, now it reminds me of the Valkyrie! Still flies great.


I will have to look into that modification, it looks quite intriguing.

The aircraft, to my eye, looks more like the older StratoVulcan than this instructable's variant. It appears your modified variant lacks the swept leading edges at the leading edge root extensions. Quite fascinating. :)

Just at a curiousity, which Valkyrie do you mean? The XB-70?

Thats the one! After folding the nose down and up again, I pulled the wing up and outwards, as I often do in my designs. It flies incredibly well, In fact it it has already become my favourite. (I used A4 paper, not letter paper)

Could you post an instructable on it?

It's there! Super StratoVulcan mark II

An awesome airplane keep up the good work :)
wstringham5 years ago
Why don't you actually show us how to make it buy showing us each direction
you'll have to push next for further instructions...
OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  wstringham5 years ago
The steps presented do show how to make the airplane. If there is a part you are confused by, please tell me and I will assist you with it.
TriStar915 years ago
Haha nope
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vgamesx15 years ago
hmm, mine doesn't quite look the same...