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Picture of How To Make The Turbo UltraVulcan Paper Airplane

Fast, long range and versatile, the Turbo UltraVulcan is an improved variant of the UltraVulcan paper airplane, featuring redesigned wings for better performance and handling at high speeds and greater rigidity.

The Turbo UltraVulcan was developed to replace its basis, the UltraVulcan, in mid-June 2014. The aircraft features no changes in planform, but the structure of the aircraft is altered slightly when compared to its predecessor. The design period for the aircraft was short due to this high amount of commonality, and testing progressed quickly. After proving itself capable, the Turbo UltraVulcan was soon cleared for publication and allotted an instructable.

TAA USAF Designation: F292-14

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper





Scissors (additional surfaces only)

adamwatters made it!4 years ago

Killer! Flies further/straighter/faster than any airplane I've ever folded. Thanks for sharing.

berek225 years ago
nice nice
adesantis15 years ago

Really fast!

sandrus keyes made it!5 years ago

Thanks my son loves it!


Excellent! :)

wilgubeast5 years ago

That looks fantastic. Certainly an unusual shape for a paper airplane, but you've always been the guy who knows the ins and outs of paper aeronautics.

SanderCEO made it!3 years ago

Haha thx bro! This is my with a mini "Electronic Warfare" tail :v

Kcireel made it!3 years ago

My first time making it. It was a blast to watch it fly. It never dipped until all the thrust was gone. I've got nothing but Thanks for sharing this great paper plane details as it works great.

paper airplanes super vulcan.jpg
GreekVenom made it!4 years ago



The first time I made it, it did a 360 degree spiral and ended up being 3m behind me. -_-???

Are you sure you made it correctly? No others have ever mentioned anything similar to that.

guys what is an origami aviator? please reply!

nisei24 years ago
thanks for the link, Tammy !
HOC_474 years ago

that 3rd fold pissed me impossible

OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)  HOC_474 years ago

I can assure you that no folds required by this plane are impossible. Some may be intricate and require care, but none are impossible.

I can assist you if you PM me details of what difficulties you are having.

ilhamm5 years ago
it flies so smooth. news paper works nice. loving it
elier5 years ago

si jala :D (Y)