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Picture of How to Add Teacher Notes to an Instructable

We recently added a new feature to instructables projects: Teacher Notes!

Teacher Notes can be added to any instructable to show how it was used in the classroom. Educators can upload photos, lesson plans, and other resources to demonstrate their favorite ways to bring hands-on learning to their students.

Teacher Notes appear between the into and first step, as you can see below.

Keep reading to learn how to use this feature!

Step 1: Set Your Occupation to "Teacher"

Picture of Set Your Occupation to
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In order to access Teacher Notes, you'll need to make sure your occupation is set to Teacher. Head to your profile and click the "Edit Profile" button.

Once the box pops up, select the grades you teach and save your updates.

a2nryan7 days ago
I'm trying to find the instructable that is highlighted above in the photo. The comment describes a Design Thinking Graphic Organizer, but I'm having a hard time finding it. Any chance it can be linked or you can share it? Looks like an interesting project I'd like to check out. Thanks!
Thats a great idea, but do I have any control over what gets put on the teacher notes? for example can I delete spam or silly comments from notes put on my instructable? Some students will see the "Teacher Notes" as an opportunity for mischeif.
That's a fair question. I'm curious to know the answer as well.
Currently, we are approving every Teacher Note that comes in, so that isn't something you need to worry about as we'll be watching for all spam or non-teacher note topics when they post :)
MosesO6 made it!9 days ago
A plane model