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Picture of How to Apply Natural-Looking Makeup
With just a little bit of product and a lot of confidence, men and ladies alike will be able to admire your beauty from all the way across a dimly lit room (a highly recommended environment for this look).

Step 1: Foundation

Picture of Foundation
Gently pull your hair back and cover it.
In order to get that flawless natural look, we are going to erase what nature gave us by covering up the eyebrows. I achieved this by using only half a stick of concealer and pressing firmly with some setting powder. Stop at this point to do your best Casper impersonation in the mirror. "Can I keep you?"
randofo1 month ago
This is so good, I wouldn't have even known you were wearing makeup at all if you didn't tell me. I would have just thought it was your radiant glow!
ellygibson1 month ago
This made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the entertaining i'ble.
pizzidave2 months ago
UNHnnn, Love your look!! Tracy Martell Realness! =)
That Redhead2 months ago
lori.noad2 months ago
Loved the humor.
Mimikry2 months ago
nothing beats a natural beauty :D
a really entertaining instructable!
RCEM2 months ago
these are truly inspired tips. You have inspired me to unpack my ancient makeup and spatula. Stand by for a 'made it' photo!
christa6272 months ago
Wow, you look great! XD