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Picture of How To Build A Patio: A DIY Stone Paver Patio Tutorial

Learn how to build your own patio using stone pavers! Here's a full step-by-step photo tutorial, as well as a fun time-lapse video of the whole process (available on my blog).

Step 1: Begin digging your patio area.

Picture of Begin digging your patio area.

Start by digging out the area where you’d like to place your stone paver patio. You’ll want to add 4 inches of gravel and 1 inch of sand, plus the depth of the pavers. Preparing the area is the most time consuming part of the process, so don’t get discouraged. Once you’ve dug down to the appropriate depth for the whole area, make sure it is level by laying a long 4 inch diameter PVC pipe across the area with a level on it. Flatten and compress the area using a tamper.

May I suggest, to use a bit of All Purpose Sand and level/ flatten the dirt substrate with No Voids prior to applying the landscaping fabric. This will help ensure that the pavers don't settle crooked over time and many seasons. Also may want to Pitch the whole patio down slope, 1/8" per foot is more than enough, so that it drains of dry with no puddles after a rain.
Lowe's is a Great place to shop with helpful staff.
That's a great tip, thanks! And I agree... Lowe's is great!
You can get a dry cut diamond blade for your circular saw for ~$40.
Use a Good dust mask and set up a 20" box fan to deal with the dust, Outside Only!
YES! Such a good walkthrough of the process. I definitely want to try this at some point. :)
designfixation (author)  jessyratfink1 month ago
Thank you!!!
muadibe2 months ago
You must have been sent from the God's. I am just about to do this same job in my garden. You have answered nearly all the concerns and questions I had. It looks really good.

Thank you
designfixation (author)  muadibe2 months ago
So glad I could help!
jatkins7292 months ago
Good job. I picked up some tips for when I relay our brick patio. However, I noticed you do not use a mask while cutting the stone. Depending on the kind of stone Silicosis is a possible hazard even with a wet saw. Bad disease. Better safe than sorry.
designfixation (author)  jatkins7292 months ago
That's a great point, thanks for sharing... next time we'll be sure to wear masks!
njessee2 months ago
Instead of gravel, I would suggest crushed concrete. It is often cheaper than gravel and has jagged edges instead of the rounded edges that most gravel has. This makes the particles lock together to prevent settling. If it's a small area, you can even buy bags of concrete instead of gravel, and just pour it out and level it dry; just like you would with gravel. It will harden a bit over time from ground moisture and resist settling.
designfixation (author)  njessee2 months ago
That's a good tip, thanks for sharing!!