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Picture of How to Build a Surfboard From Scratch

In this Instructables, you will learn how to make your own surfboard from scratch, A-Z. This was my first time making a surfboard so I will tell you the problems I ran into and how you can avoid those problems. I will be making my board out of a polyurethane surfboard blank I got from I would not recommend getting one shipped to you because just the shipping would cost around $100. If you are willing to spend the money on shipping, that's fine! If you don't have a local shop that has surfboard blanks and don't want to pay the shipping, you can Make A Home Depot Surfboard. Before we get into it, I want to introduce to you some important terms.

Surfboard Blank: A raw block of foam that you first receive from the surf shop. This is what you shape your board out of!

Step 1: Tools/Materials Needed

Picture of Tools/Materials Needed

Here is a full list of tools and materials you'll need to make your surfboard! If you get these things, you won't have to go to the hardware store again once!

1. Surfboard Blank - $75 (Price Varies)

2. Hand Saw or Electric Saw - $15 (I already had it)

3. Surform - $15

4. Dust Mask (Optional, for sanding) - $5

5. Various grits of sandpaper (40, 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 420) - $10 (Around)

6. Palm Sander (Optional but very helpful) - $15

7. Hand Planer - $20

8. Respirator (for glassing, spray painting) - $30 (I already had)

10. Paint - $50 (Optional)

11. Stencils (Optional for designs) - $20

12. Logo/Rice Paper (Optional) - $5

13. Fiberglass (4oz and/or 6oz) - $30

14. Laminating Resin (1 gallon) -$45

15. MEKP Hardener (2oz) - $5

16. Surfacing Agent (2oz) - $5

17. Squeegee (Plastic Spreader) - $3

18. 2 or 3 brushes - $15

19. Glasson fins - $15

20. Fin rope - $5

21. Leash Cup - $2

22. Hole saw bit (size depends on how big your leash cup is) - $10

23. Electric Drill - $50 (I already had)

24. Finishing Resin (Optional, for gloss coat) - $25

25. Surf Leash - $15

Total: $455 (If you don't have anything)

Total for me: $390 (I had some things already)

mpohl14 months ago
Wow! Great tutorial and valuable advice for a novice board builder. Plus, that is the coolest design ever!! The cool vibe of surfing meets the intellectual prowess of chess.....
Best "chess board" ever :)
gaeidelman (author)  mpohl14 months ago
Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!
FredN384 months ago
Well, you didn't mention how you the fins and leash plug in.
I'm assuming you got the board factory to do it for tou, right?!
gaeidelman (author)  FredN384 months ago
Yes, the glassing shop did that for me. I had glasson fins, which I know there are good videos about, and for a leash plug, you just need to use a holesaw.
KS20044 months ago
wow very good
what beach are you standing on?
gaeidelman (author)  KS20044 months ago
Thanks so much! I was at Malibu First Point when I shot this photo, it was a beautiful sunrise.
audreyobscura4 months ago
What an awesome build! I'm impressed by your paint job!
gaeidelman (author)  audreyobscura4 months ago
Thanks so much!