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Picture of How to Design an Impossible Puzzle

My mum puzzles a lot. Most puzzles she does are 1000 pieces and a lot of work but not very hard to do. There is a system in laying these puzzles. You start with the corners and the edges, then sort the colors and divide the puzzles in parts, like the sky, the bricks, the grass etc.

So to make an impossible puzzle, I wanted to mess with all these ideas.

First I make it only a couple of pieces.

There will be no image.

And those corners...

You will need

  • Lasercutter
  • Acrylic
  • Glue

Step 1: Design the Monster

Picture of Design the Monster

I design in Gravit Designer, but AI, Corel or Inkscape will work as well.

For this project I took my drawing tablet from under the dust, but a mouse or trackpad will work fine.

Look at the pictures for the instructions.

  • Set the grid at the average size you want your puzzle pieces to guide you.
  • The first step is the outer border of the puzzle. This is also the first trick. I've made the 'square' nog fully square, and it is also not exactly straight, so the puzzle will only fit in one way.
  • Finally I slightly curved two edges to make it even harder to fit the puzzle in.
dejanf25 months ago
Good explanation,great idea!Thanks.
jeanniel15 months ago
I love jigsaw puzzles, and am making pieces that look like something - like an airplane, or a palm tree. Makes it a bit more interesting than all random shapes. Great idea with the challenge to jigsaw-ers - edges are usually first and corners. I like the way you think!
Elaina M5 months ago
Yes!! I saw Chris Ramsay tackle one of these on his Youtube channel the other day. Thank you so much for sharing a step-by-step on how to build your own! This would make a great beginner laser cutting project :D
Ayаvaska5 months ago
Cut an extra piece that doesn't go anywhere. Bisect some corner pieces so that there are no identified 90-deg. corners. Corner piece in the middle is awesome.
XTL5 months ago
Love the idea of the corner in the middle. brilliant
Also consider using Inkscape (opensource) and the Lasercut jigsaw extension as a starting point. Then move the lines around.
And the tabbed box for the box.
Ooooh, a corner in the middle of the puzzle! You evil genius :D
I know, that is such a good idea.?You really have to keep a open mind to get it.