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Picture of How to Knot a Butterfly by Macrame

Body and wings are made with the macrame square knot technique, which is also called 'cobra knot' or 'Solomon's knot'; and the head is a 2 strand diamond knot. It is based on the butterfly in JD Lenzen's book: Paracord Critters: Animal Shaped Knots and Ties ( (( I wasn't patient enough waiting for the postman rowing over the ocean with my book in his backpack, lol. I loved the butterfly so much, so I started to experiment. I thought it was knotted like the dragonfly, so I started upside down, and made another lovely butterfly :-D ))

Step 1: Gather your stuff:

Picture of Gather your stuff:
2015-03-15 12.00.06.jpg

lighter, spike, scissors, tape measure, and 90 cm paracord (Arctic Camo if you want the same). The spike also can be something pointy like an awl, a big nail, a knitting needle, ... it makes tightening the head and pulling the wings more easy.

TommyD153 years ago

lol I thought it was done by Paracord but I just seen its Macrame and its funny cause I have no idea what Macrame is lol ShirCraftalot, question is it the same as paracord?

ShirCraftalot (author)  TommyD153 years ago
it is made with Paracord 550, Arctic Camo, but the body is knotted with macramé square knots, a kind of knotting technique, also called 'cobra knot' or 'Solomon's knot', I hope this helped you (and I will add it in the tutorial to help others too) ;-)
I added 'macramé' because my mom and I dearly love butterflies, and I love knotting too, so there might follow others in other knot techniques :-D
Thank you for the 'back-up', helping me to improve :-)
Ohh OK. I thought I saw a cobra knot but really wasn't sure. Thank you :-)

I cannot see how to make the 2 strand diamond knot for the head.

there is no picture from this knot in loose state

ShirCraftalot (author)  Kite builder3 years ago

hi Kite builder, I didn't include how to make the diamond knot, the internet is loaded with it, Google "diamond knot two strand", and you get plenty ;-)
And I'd love to see your result, don't be shy and show off :-D

tomatoskins4 years ago

Ok, that's a cool knot!

ShirCraftalot (author)  tomatoskins4 years ago

thank you tomatoskins :-)