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Picture of How to Make Dyson Fan at Home

The smooth breeze of air flowing through a good looking small table fan placed on your work desk feels wonderful while working. The problem with most table fans is that they provide random flows of air rather than continuous breeze. Dyson overcame this problem and created a wonderful product, commonly known as "Dyson Fan" or a "Bladeless Fan".

Note: It is known as Bladeless Fan not because it doesn't have fan blades but because the fan is invisible and placed at the bottom.

In this instructable, i attempted to create a Dyson Fan at home using a cardboard and high rpm DC motor. This DIY bladeless fan looks exceptionally well and works on the same principle to produce a uniform airflow, however, it is nowhere comparable to a commercial dyson fan.

After seeing the result, it makes me believe that the attempt was well worth it. Do give a try to make this wonderful device at home, however, for best results try to keep the curvature as smooth as possible and the slit gap between both the loops should be just about 1 mm at the back.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is a wonderful tool that provides deep insight into the procedure and makes it easy to follow. However, also visit next steps for additional details and images.

RadarR11 year ago

I think it's a really neat idea!

I see that there is at least one other person that built one that is similar.

Very simple to do with some foam board and hot glue.

Techgenie (author)  RadarR11 year ago

I am glad you liked it..

Do you have the link to the other person's work?

ImAtech1 year ago

I wonder how it would work with a computer cooling fan. These are in many junk boxes and even if you had to buy one, they are cheap. You could even make a bigger base and use a computer power supply (preferably a mini one). I may have to make a bunch of these just to get some junk out of my computer/hobby room. Gift for someone on the bottom of your gift list? :>) What do you think?

Even if you went and purchased a 120mm or 140mm fan to build it.

I'm thinking one of those might move more air.

A little expermentation might be in order.

Techgenie (author)  ImAtech1 year ago

Seems like a good idea. A computer cooling fan will also work great.

ardwork111 year ago

so cool

Techgenie (author)  ardwork111 year ago

Thanks..I'm glad you liked it..

jgyeager1 year ago

who is the music by in the video?

Techgenie (author)  jgyeager1 year ago

Highway wildflowers from youtube audio Library

zinnatty1 year ago

turn the fan to the other side. with that configuration is pulling out the air to the grill, not to the ring

Ah I see... Genus!