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Picture of How to Make Home Security Alarm

Before the inception of smartphones, people used the old keypad phones that were very sturdy and offered tremendously long battery life. In the last decade, Mobile technology has evolved at a rapid pace and everyone now use a smartphone leaving the old phone on its fate. Have you ever wondered what can be done with an old mobile phone probably still lying somewhere in your junk drawer gathering dust?

In this Instructable, i decided to use an old mobile phone to make a simple Home Security Alarm which is very useful and easy to make DIY gadget. This is one of a cool things that can be done with old cell phones. Any working phone with keypad that has speed dialing feature can be used to make this Security Alarm System.

Let's Begin..

Step 1: Watch the Video

There is no better tool than a detailed video tutorial to understand the procedure. However, it is also recommended to visit next steps for additional information and images.

ThummarwitshW8 months ago
I like it, simple and useful.
Techgenie (author)  ThummarwitshW7 months ago
Thanks a lot...I am glad you like it..:)
jobogaert8 months ago
how do I put the card in place when I'm outside, or how do I go outside after I put the card in place?
troggo jobogaert7 months ago
Watch the video.
jobogaert troggo7 months ago
AAH! sorry, had only read the article, phone is too slow to watch video, seen on pc now.
RaymondR68 months ago
If you do have an old cellphone available for the project, don't you need to have it working with an active account so it can call? If the phone is inactive, how can it dial your number? And if it is an analog phone, are you sure your carrier will activate an account for it?
If you have a smart phone that is inactive, you can download an app that allows it to make calls for free via wifi. It would require you to have wifi though.
Techgenie (author)  RaymondR68 months ago
Yes, you are right. This project only works with a working cell phone that is also active to make calls.
sparkleponytx8 months ago
Good video!
Techgenie (author)  sparkleponytx8 months ago
Thank you very much...your appreciation does matter a lot..:)
sanek7608 months ago
It is possible that an attentive burglar immediately realises what is it for, so it is necessary to hide phone (without an outer case I think) into (maybe) door jamb and put the breaker on the door somewhere near the door hinge.
Techgenie (author)  sanek7608 months ago
Yes, you are right. Its design and placement needs much more work.
Ishan__8 months ago
Can I use any other copper wire ????
Techgenie (author)  Ishan__8 months ago
Yes any thin insulated wire can be used which doesn't restrict closing of the cell phone.
cordovox8 months ago
Great project. This idea could be added to any other alarm system. An alarm trigger from any other sensor could be use to initiate a phone call.
Techgenie (author)  cordovox8 months ago
Yes, you are would be wonderful and there are already many such products available in market.
bserinese8 months ago
This is a great idea and reminds me how I used to hack computer keyboards create custom buttons to interact with programs. I'd do something similar with soldering buttons and switches to different parts of the keyboard control board. Someone smarter than me could write a program to send yourself a text or email if you switch was tripped. Very creative.
Techgenie (author)  bserinese8 months ago
Thanks...getting some appreciation does help a lot..:)
jnjani8 months ago
This could be the simplest YET brilliant project / idea.
Techgenie (author)  jnjani8 months ago
Thanks a lot..I am glad you like it..:)
Disasterific8 months ago
Nice job, neat soldering.
Techgenie (author)  Disasterific8 months ago
schaapkameel8 months ago
I love it. Ingenious way of reusing old stuff!
Techgenie (author)  schaapkameel8 months ago
Thank you very much...your appreciation matters a lot..:)
Alex in NZ8 months ago
Neat idea! Thank you for sharing it :-)
Techgenie (author)  Alex in NZ8 months ago
Thanks a lot..i am glad you like it..:)