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Picture of How to Make Origami Fireworks

Being that is was just July Fouth, and this model is awesome, here is how to make origami fireworks.

You will need:

1.) 15 square sheets of paper (whatever size/color you want. Bigger paper is easier to manipulate.)

2.) Scissors (To cut paper down to size.)

3.) Possibly some tape depending on how good you are with origami.

Step 1: Folding the Modules.

You can use whatever colors you want. I used red, green, yellow, and blue. Start off by folding the square in half diagonally. Unfold then fold on the other diagonal and unfold again. Fold in half longways and unfold. Cupboard fold to the center crease. Unfold. Fold two small strips on the top and bottom to where the diagonal creases and the outside vertical creases meet. Unfold. Fold the whole thing into a waterbomb base. Now fold the bottom up to the top and squash fold the sides so it looks like a little house. Repeat on back. Now fold up one of the little flaps on front and squash the side. repeat on all flaps and unfold. Congrats! You're done!!!......with the first module. 1 down, 14 more to go. Happy folding!

Looks awesome!

amy_rotfl4 years ago
Coco Star4 years ago

Ok, so i love that you can use a color whatever you like.

ZRedstoner (author)  Coco Star4 years ago

yep, its cool.

Coolloom4 years ago