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Picture of How to Make: Pom-Poms (3 Additional Projects Included!)


Whether you’re planning a party, sprucing up a room or looking for a fun way to fill free time, this versatile craft is a great go-to. The pom-poms themselves are an easy craft for all ages, and they make for colorful garlands, fun party hats, and creative pillow decorations. These instructions include a step-by-step, image-guided process for making pom-poms at home. We’ve also included four additional sets of instructions for some possible at-home projects using your new, fun, and colorful pom-poms!


Materials Needed:


Most types and textures of yarn will work well for this project. Keep in mind that for a thinner yarn, a significant amount of more yarn will be required in order to make a more full pom-pom. If an ultra-plush or thicker yarn is being used, we recommend using a larger sized pom-pom maker. If you desire stiffer pom-poms, use a more structured yarn; for floppier pom-poms, use a thinner yarn.

-Standard pom-pom maker

Standard pom-pom makers are typically under ten dollars and can be found at most craft stores. Keep in mind that the devices come in various sizes. Each pom-pom maker makes only one size of pom-pom that will be relatively the same size as the device itself.

-Fabric scissors

The right scissors are very important in this craft. Sharpened fabric scissors will produce the most clean-cut and fluffy pom-poms. Craft or safety scissors will not yield the best results.

Step 1: Making the Pom-Poms

Picture of Making the Pom-Poms

1. Extend the arms of one side of your pom-pom maker.

Pom poms are fun to make!