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Picture of How to Make Rope Using Windmill Palm Tree Fiber!

Let's make a rope!

I live in the countryside of Japan and often shadow my wife's grandfather on the farm. This is one of the coolest things I've seen him do and I think it's an awesome skill to learn and try out, especially for kids!

This Instructable will show you how to remove the course fibrous material from a Windmill Palm Tree and turn it into durable rope.

Step 1: Grandpa!

Picture of Grandpa!

This is my lovely wife's awesome grandfather!

He is over 90 years old and still farming all day every day! He is an incredible man and I love following him around watching him work.

A while back when I was visiting the farm, I saw him carrying a big ball of tree fiber and assumed he was gathering it to burn. The farm is huge and grandpa regularly burns weeds and brush. I asked him if he needed help with the fire and ended up learning how to make rope.

StringGoddess6 months ago
Wow! Can any palm tree fiber be used for this?
bryans workshop (author)  StringGoddess6 months ago
I haven't tried, but I think so. What kind of palm do you have? I'd love to know if it works.
I don't, but many of my neighbors do. I don't know what kind they are - all I know is they're reeeealy tall and drop stuff during every windstorm. I'll update when I've collected some and am able to give it a try.
bryans workshop (author)  StringGoddess6 months ago
Awesome! Thanks!