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Have you ever wanted to do your own video game console? A console that is cheap, small, powerful and even fits perfectly in your pocket? So in this project, I will show you guys how to make a game console using a Raspberry Pi.

But what is a Raspberry Pi?

So basically, a Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer. With this little computer, you can do a lot of things: robots, home automation, learn to program and even video game consoles. The image below shows the components and some specifications about the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

The History behind the project

The first and only game console that I had in my childhood was a Mega Drive 3 from Tectoy, I had a lot of fun with it, but one day it fell down and stopped working, my parents didn't have financial conditions to buy a new video game for me. So now at my 17 years old, I decided to do my own video game console using a Raspberry Pi, I was surprised how such a small board can be so powerful to be able to run games. Video games are cool but doing your own game console is even cooler because you learn how it works and you can customize it your way. So let's begin.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you're going to need to do this project:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ or model B
  • A case for your Raspberry Pi ( I recommend the Flirc case)
  • 64GB Class 10 Micro SD card
  • 5V 3A Raspberry Pi 3 power supply
  • HDMI cable
  • Nintendo Wii U Pro controller (you can use other Bluetooth or USB controller)
  • USB Keyboard (you'll only need the keyboard temporarily to make some settings)

ATI4890HD4 months ago
I gona make it.
Nata_Maker (author)  ATI4890HD4 months ago
That's great, enjoy it and share your results!!!
randofo4 months ago
Cool project!
Nata_Maker (author)  randofo4 months ago
tercero4 months ago
While I admire your ambition, I question the legal thinking behind this. Hey, mods at Autodesk. The links posted go to copyrighted materials and violate the DMCA.
You might want to remove them ASAP, before the posting gets reported and a take down notification is served.
Looks like a lot of fun to use :)
Nata_Maker (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Yes, it is!! Thanks for your comment!!!
rodalcantaraq4 months ago