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Picture of How to Make Your Rubik's Cube a Lot More Interesting

Let's do a mod (modification) on our cube.

Below I list what you will need.

Step 1: How to Make Your Rubik`s Cube a Lot More Interesting

Picture of How to Make Your Rubik`s Cube a Lot More Interesting

Is your Rubik`s cube getting easy to solve?

Let's do a simple mod (modification) on it, called the Siamese Cube. Below are the materials you'll need.

tr0lldr0id7 months ago
how the heck do you turn these cubes??

P.S. This is awesome!
zakbobdop (author)  tr0lldr0id7 months ago
It's kinda hard to explain. I put a link to a video tutorial at the end so you can see it in action.
Yeah, I watched it. That is weird. But, still awesome dude! Nice job! I might do this, but I can't even solve a normal Rubix cube...
tomatoskins9 months ago
This is so cool! I've always wanted to do something like this with my cubes but I've never made the jump. Do you feel it makes the cube harder to solve or is it more like two easier to solve halves?
zakbobdop (author)  tomatoskins9 months ago
It's a bit harder.
It drove me nuts for hours!
The cubes stuck together means that you have fewer ways to turn the cube,
meaning you have to solve it a different way.
You do both of the cubes separately.
It's worth it to do the mod though. you blow everyone's minds. :)