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Picture of How to Make a Booklamp

Some time ago I got an order from a customer to make something useable out of old books. These books were not sellable anymore, but to throw them away is a waste. So I came up with a reading lamp (haha get it?)

This is my second instructable so let me know what you think and if you have any tips!

Step 1: Drill Some Holes for the Bolts

Picture of Drill Some Holes for the Bolts

First you want to make a solid object out of this book. You have two options:

1: glue every page together.

2: use bolds to press the pages together

I choose option 2 of course because I don’t want to spent sooo much time on sticking all pages together with glue.

So what you need to do is use a clamp, to press the book firm together. Once you done that, drill holes in the corners of the book. Stick your bolts in it, put your nuts on the bolts and make sure to turn them tight.

AmandaG615 months ago
Could you show how to actually assemble the switch, cords, etc? The rest of this is Target common sense, so that would be the really helpful part.
KoenB151 year ago

I love the idea. I will make this for sure

Jocobs1 year ago
Very nicely done! Did you already write an instructables on this a couple of years back? I feel like I already saw this once.
Anyhow, great job!
glennederveen (author)  Jocobs1 year ago
Oh no I thought I was original! Hahaha no I didn't write anything. Tnx for your nice reply!