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Step 12: Fiberglassing the Surfboard Deck

With gloved hands, flip the surfboard over and wipe down the areas that were sanded with some denatured alcohol or acetone. Very similar to glassing the bottom, we are going to do a cut lap, apply tape just under where the previous cutlap was done. Sometimes deck patches are added but not necessary for a wooden surfboard.

Layout the fiberglass, trim to the tapeline, add relief cuts at the nose and tail. Mix up the epoxy and apply the epoxy just like for the bottom and let set until tack free, trim then let harden.

Then sand the cutlap and feather it into the previous layer of fiberglass, I can't stress enough how important it is to do a good job here, make sure there are no big bumps. Check the board over and sand down any odd bumps of epoxy or fiberglass.