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Step 17: Final Sanding

Once the glosscoat has set up and hardened, the board should be looking super shiny and level, you'll be left with a tape line at the rail and probably some small pieces of dust in the finish, it just happens but not to worry it can be fixed with the final sanding.

Even tho the surfboard looks super shiny and smooth, it's not a professional looking job until we hit it with some sandpaper. Sanding it will make the surfboard dull but don't worry we'll bring back the shine soon.

First using a sanding block and some 320 grit sand paper sand the tape line until it's blended into the rest of the surfboard but be careful, the rail has the least amount of resin so go easy or you might sand into the fiberglass weave. Use a spray bottle with water to wet down the areas to be sanded it helps remove the sanded material and keeps the fine sand paper from clogging.

Once the rail is sanded, sand the whole surfboard, except the rails with a medium sanding pad on the power sander with 320 grit or 400 grit. After that I hand sand using a 3M 1/3 sheet sander used for automotive body work, it takes 1/3 of a sheet of sandpaper cut lengthwise and is very comfortable to use. Wet the board with the spray bottle as you are sanding but don't soak the board, you just want the board wet enough so the epoxy resin dust doesn't clog up the sandpaper.

When the whole board is wet sanded, move along to the next finer grit 600, 800, 1000, 1200. Every grit from 400 upward is not really removing that much material, all each grit does is remove the scratches from the previous grit of sanding. This will take some time so keep at it and dry the board to see how things are progressing, also if the sand paper doesn't seem to be cutting as quickly change it, you can tell you need to change it when the water doesn't seem as cloudy since there are less cut material suspended in the water.

If you installed Futures Fin boxes, now is the time to sand them open, also if the fin boxes were set slightly too deep into the board, you may need to cut them with a razor blade to open them up. Also I used the razor to cut around the tape for the vent and leash plug to open them back up sand the edges to blend in.