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Step 3: Making a Surfboard Stringer

Picture of Making a Surfboard Stringer

The stringer will determine the rocker of the surfboard. The rocker is the bottom curvature of the surfboard from the nose to the tail, that will determine how the water flows under the board, ideally it is shaped so it fits the curve of the wave face. This isn't a guide on how to design a surfboard more of a technical how to.

There are a few different ways to design a stringer, one way is to trace out an existing board, create one in CAD, vector drawing software or similar design program or what I like to do is design one from the Clark foam catalogue. Clark Foam has been out of business for years now but you can still find the catalogue if you do a Google search for it. I find a template that I like in the catalogue and then I transpose the measurements of the rocker profile to a piece of thin plywood. I make my stringers usually from 3/16" - 1/4" plywood, but any thin wood will work. I connect the points using a dowel so I have a rough shape.

The stringer is then cut out and shaped to roughly to the profile I want, sometimes I will make two stringers at the same time so I can have an extra one. This can be done easily by using some double side carpet tape to hold two pieces of wood together. Write on the stringer what dimensions it is and what it will be used for, I have a collection of them so later on when I want to make another board that is similar or I can just trace out one.

Check out the video: