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Step 7: Fin System

Picture of Fin System

I am installing fin boxes for the fin system on this board, I went with Futures Fins and a 5 fin set up for maximum flexibility. The fins will be installed later but I needed to make sure to mark out where the fin boxes will go so I know where to leave some wood when chambering so the fin boxes can be routered in later. Marking the location of the boxes can be done with just a ruler and measuring tape but I use a tool called a Versa square (Greenlightsurfsupply sells them) that can speed up the process.

To mark out the fin boxes I used a template guide from Greenlightsurfsupply (affiliate link and you might need to create an account to access the info). There are many different variation on fin placement but I installed the tail fin 3.5" up from the tail. The side bites were installed at 7" from the rail (rear of the fin), 1 1/4" in from the rail with a fin toe in of 1/8". The full side fins were place at 12" (rear of the fin), 1 1/4" in from the rail with a toe in of 3/16".

The fin boxes were marked before chambering, they will need to be remarked after sanding.