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Step 9: Final Shaping After Chambering and Glueing

Once the surfboard is glued back together, it will weight significantly lighter. Now it's time to remove all the excess glue and do the final shaping of the surfboard. I used the belt sander to sand away all the glue and levelled out the bottom of the board (if you shaped in a different bottom then adjust accordingly). I had about 1/4" to play with so I tried to removed as much material with out sacrificing the strength of the board to keep it light.

For the top of the board I rounded off the rails and the dome of the deck. Once it was close to the final shape I switched to a random orbital sander and went over the whole board with 80 grit. Shaping all the rounded contours like the nose of the board, I switched to hand sanding with a block. Then to smooth out all the rails I hand sanded using piece of sand paper folded over. Usually when shaping foam surfboards you can "screen" the rails but in this case I just had to make the best of it using sand paper by hand.

If the surfboard has any holes or voids that need filling, now is the time to do it. It's tempting to use store bought wood filler, but I suggest to make your own filler using fine saw dust and super glue. Super glue and the saw dust will mix to make a nice match to knots of the surfboard. Also the filler will age with the rest of the board and darken over time just like real wood. You'll fine that light looking filler will stand out way more than dark filler. Once the holes and voids are filled sand and blend into the rest of the board.