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Picture of How to Make a Dice Chest
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Today I will teach you how to make a simple chest for holding your D&D dice and other gear such as miniatures and pens.

Step 1: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials

You will need a saw, a drill, a small and a large Phillips screwdriver, screws, a set of hinges, and a latch. You will also need enough wood to create a 14x6 1/2 inches box (the exact measurements are provided in the next step).

WARNING: Sharp tools are needed for this project so make sure to use proper eye protection and practice safe use of the tools.

Kink Jarfold5 months ago
Yes, very easy to follow design and I, too, would like to see the inside. --Kink--
It's a wonderful little box! Do you have a picture of the inside to get an idea of space?